• India – Myanmar – Thailand – Malaysia Crossing

    Duration: 26 Days 25 Nights - Price: $US

    India Myanmar Thailand Malaysia

    This tour allows you to drive drive from India to Thailand via Myanmar, before exiting into Malaysia with your own vehicles (bikes, cars, motorhomes).  Burma Senses make your crossing...

  • Burma Trekking Tour

    Duration: 13 Days 12 Nights - Price $1950

    Ann ethnic people in Kyaing Tong

    On this adventurous Burma Trekking Tour, we walk through remote lands and also spend time in the principal highlights of the country. We trek to remote hilltribes of the...

  • Burma At Glance Tour

    Duration: 07 Days 06 Nights - Price $1250

    Burma monk with umbrella

    This Burma At Glance Tour is perfect for those who desire to visit Burma's 4 major cities, including  Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and Inle Lake in very short time. With this...

  • Burma Photo Tour

    Duration: 12 Days 11 Nights - Price $2385

    Burma Picturesque Photo Tours

    Discover one of the world’s most photogenic countries on a special photographic tour organized by Burma Senses Travel & Tours. Hone your photographic skills while travelling through Burma's Victorian...

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Are you a Licensed Travel Agent/Burma Tour Operator?

Yes, we are a Licensed Travel Agent and Tour Operator granted by Ministry of Hotels & Tourism, The Republic of Union of Myanmar.

How long have you been working in Tourism Business?

We have involved in professional tourism since 2002 and did start our own tourism business in Burma (Myanmar) since 2007.

How can I get a Burma (Myanmar) visa?

We can handle this for you. We will request you to fill in the Visa application form with your passport and signature attached to the form then send back to us. Base on your information, we will send you the approval Visa letter after 2 working weeks. With the approval letter, you can enter Burma.

What is a ready-made tour?

The tour programs or packages that we have posted to offer you on this web site as ‘Honeymoon Bliss’ or ‘Burma At Glance’.

What is a tailor made tour?

We are always pleased to design the tour programs which are totally based on the travel interests and plans of the customers.

What type of meals are available during my trip?

Normally, our prices are based on bed and breakfast. Many hotels provide buffet breakfast (including eggs) and budget hotels serve continental breakfast; tea or coffee, toast, butter, jam, juice or fruits and sometimes with eggs.

Will I be picked up at the airport upon arrival?

Definitely! Upon your arrival in the airports, our guides and drivers will be staying there to pick you up.

How do I recognize the tour guide?

Upon your arrival, you will see that our tour guide will be holding a signboard showing your name.

What are a ‘throughout’ guide and a ‘local’ guide?

A throughout guide accompanies you throughout the tour. A local guide is located in each city. Either throughout or local guides you choose, we have the good guide staff to serve your well with your trip.

Can I change the tour dates?

Yes, you make unlimited changes of the tour (dates, itinerary, meal options, etc…) 45 days prior to your arrival, with no extra charge added.

How can I cover my expenses in case of cancellation?

Please apply for travel insurance in your country. The insurance company needs your booking confirmation from Burma Senses Travel & Tours.

Can we order an extra bed in the hotel room?

Yes, you can.

What about children policy?

Just ask, we have children policy. Normally, they will be exempted from the cost for excursion, guide, hotels and will have to pay only for their entrance fee, flight tickets.

What is the best time to book?

45 days prior to your trip. Within this term you will be able to process your visa in time and domestic transportation will be available for booking. But if you are traveling in high season it is better to take consideration into accommodation earlier than this term – for high season 02 months at least are recommendable in order to get all hotels and domestic flights confirmed.

How credit cards work out in Burma (Myanmar)?

The credit cards – AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS, VISA, MASTER – are now accepted to settle any monetary transactions from and to Burma with 5% service charge added.
Please be advised that US$ cash is accepted widely in all parts of country. We suggest that you bring USD notes in small and big denominations. US$ 100 bills with CD numbers are not welcome in Burma due to some bad rumors.

How about GSM or mobile phone connection in Burma (Myanmar)?

Burma (Myanmar) GSM or mobile phone service support network for local users only and no network traffic for global phone users. However, if you bring your mobile phone into Myanmar and if you need to call outside Burma (Myanmar), you can purchase a one-time GSM mobile cards at the nearest mobile stores, please ask your guide!

Are overseas communication available during my trip?

You can have international connection by phone, fax, email and internet from Burma (Myanmar). Internet is accessible in Yangon, Bagan and Mandalay as well as Shan State. All mail providers are available, however, the connection is slow mostly. Normally, we provide contact phone numbers for your hotels and our Yangon office has 24 hour stand-by for any incoming messages for our clients during their travel.

How can I use Internet in Burma (Myanmar)?

Internet access is available in Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake area, but do expect that it can work slow!!!

Is emergency medical service available?

Yes it is. International SOS has had operations in (Burma) Myanmar since 1987 and opened its first Clinic and Alarm Center in Yangon in August 1995. We provide full out patient and emergency services for SOS members and visitors in Myanmar, backed by a professional team of expatriate and national medical specialists.

Myanmar International SOS Limited
The New World Inya Lake Hotel
37 Kaba Aye Pagoda Road
Yangon, Union of Myanmar

Clinic Tel
(95) (1) 667 879
Clinic Fax
(95) (1) 667 866
Alarm Tel
(95) (1) 667 877
Alarm Fax
(95) (1) 667 866
E-Mail: intl.sos@mptmail.net.mm
Web Site: http://www.internationalsos.com/countries/Myanmar/

What is the status of Malaria?

Malaria was wiped out in Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle lake areas since several decades ago. The areas in far eastern regions near the China and Thailand border, north and western mountain ranges are considered as Malaria areas. We do recommend our customers to bring the mosquito repellent JAICO (Belgium product) which looks like a deodorant roller.

What are useful gifts for local people?

It would be better in remote areas to offer things like writing books, pens, pencils for school children and some simple t-shirts for all ages, medication such as paracetamol, etc.

Why should I have to take off my shoes and socks in religious compounds?

We maintain and value responsible travel! It is a tradition and all local people also take off their foot wear in religious compounds. It is a sense of respect not because of Buddha thought so.
This is a strong tradition in Buddhist pagodas and temples; however, some Buddhist monasteries allow wearing shoes in monastic compound while most do not.

What about drinking water?

There are many a brand of Bottled water purified by high quality system available everywhere. Tap water is not recommended to drink.

Does nightlife exist in Burma yet?

Sure. Most stalls and shops close at 9 PM and restaurants closed at 10 PM in Yangon and Mandalay (except in the hotels and the L’Opera and Le Planteur in Yangon). But there are a few discos at some hotels in Yangon, such as Music Club, one of Yangon’s hippest nightspots located right inside the posh Park Royal Hotel.

Can I buy modern films and batteries in Burma?

There are latest model of films, batteries, cameras and other electrical gears are available in Yangon and Mandalay.

Is it safe to walk at night in the cities?

It is SUPER safe to walk at night in Yangon, Mandalay and Inle Lake. However, in Bagan, due to the heat, at night, be careful of snakes on strolling, bring a light with you always!!!

What is the weather like, and what should I wear?

The weather in Burma will vary according to where you go, and when. In places such as Yangon, the weather can be a little hot and humid, so light, comfortable clothing may be appropriate. However in some of the mountainous regions the temperature can drop to near freezing during the night. In such cases, we suggest that our clients bring warm clothing. When you book your itinerary, Burma Senses Travel & Tours will provide you with further information about clothing you should bring.
For convenience, when visiting religious sites such as temples and monasteries, we suggest that our clients wear light footwear that can easily be removed (e.g., sandals or thongs). Also, people in Burma are devoutly religious, and we ask that you remember to dress conservatively by avoiding suggestive or revealing attire (e.g., tank tops, tight clothing, shorts and short skirts.)

Do I need any vaccinations?

Vaccination certificates are generally not required for entry to Burma. However we advise our clients to consult their doctor to discuss travel vaccinations, ideally 4-6 weeks before embarking on their journey. We also suggest that you speak with your doctor if you have any other health concerns, are pregnant, or would like further information about health-related travel matters.

Should I get travel insurance?

As with travel in all countries, we recommend that clients make travel insurance arrangements before departing. SOS Worldwide has a local office in Yangon, with a 24-hour on-call service for emergency evacuation and medical assistance.

Are there any special customs procedures?

Generally, all valuable items (e.g., jewellery and cameras) must be declared upon arrival, and taken home upon departure. Similarly, all foreign currency in excess of USD $2,000 must be declared. Export of handicrafts considered to be antique, or of artwork of archaeological significance is prohibited. Gems and other valuable items purchased in Burma may be exported if accompanied by an official dealer’s receipt. Burma Senses Travel & Tours is happy to answer any questions that you may have before your arrival.

Electricity: what sort of power adaptor should I bring?

Burma uses 230-volt AC (50 Hz) electricity, and 24-hour electricity is available in of the hotels that we use. We suggest bringing a universal power adapter with a surge protector such as [this: http://www.bixnet.com/intrpoad.html

Communications: can I make international calls and use email?

All of the hotels that we use provide international telephone, fax and postal services. However these can be quite expensive. Internet access is readily available at these hotels, but access to email providers such as Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail is still limited. If you ever require assistance, Burma Senses Travel & Tours staff will always be ready to assist you.

Are there any religious or cultural norms that I need to observe?

People in Burma are predominantly Buddhist, and it is important to respect religious and cultural norms. In Buddhist culture, the head is deemed to be the seat of the soul, so it is important to avoid touching people’s heads (even those of small children). The corollary of this is that the feet are somewhat less sacred, and it is considered offensive to point your feet at someone.
From time to time, our tour guides may remind you to remove your footwear (including socks) before entering religious sites such as pagodas and monasteries. Shoes, but not necessarily socks, should also be taken off before entering private homes as well.
People in Burma are deeply religious, and many of the traditions and customs that have been passed down over many generations are quite conservative. Please dress with respect for the local culture by avoiding suggestive or revealing attire, and refraining from public displays of affection. Special customs also apply to monks and novices, who must at all times avoid physical contact with women.

Is tipping customary?

Tipping is becoming more customary in Burma. We leave it to our guests to decide what’s fair. Normally US$ 5 per day for a driver and US$ 10 per day for guide – it absolutely depends on your satisfaction with their service!

Is Myanmar safe?

Being a Buddhist country where people are devoutly religious, visitors should feel assured that they are safe in Burma. Although petty theft is extremely rare, we still advise our clients to exercise caution and take care of their belongings as they would in any other country.
We also ask that our clients refrain from discussing political matters with local people, especially in public places, as this is deemed by the government to be a sensitive matters.

What are the Terms of Payment?

Once you have selected or designed a tour, a 20% deposit is required to secure your booking. The balance must be paid in full at least 30 days prior to arrival.

Can I get a refund if I decide to cancel my booking?

If you should choose to cancel your booking, the following policy applies:
• More than 45 days prior to scheduled arrival: No charge.
• 31-45 days prior to scheduled arrival: 20% of the total cost.
• 21-30 days prior to scheduled arrival: 50% of the total cost.
• Fewer than 20 days: 100% of the total cost.

Please email us for further information – we are only too happy to assist you. Burma Senses Travel & Tours will provide you with more comprehensive information when you book your tour.