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Home >> Mandalay Attractions >> Snake Pagoda Innwa

Snake Pagoda Innwa

Officially called Yadana Labamuni Hsu-taungpye Pagoda, this pagoda located not too far from Innwa and Amarapura is generally known as Hmwe Paya, or the Snake Pagoda. What makes it special is the 3 pythons living happily with the monks there.

The pagoda was established in 1974 by a local Buddhist monk. It is said that the monk found two large pythons lying around a statue of Buddha inside the old pagoda. At first, he carried them back to the jungle then returned to clean the pagoda. After 1 day, the snakes came back, with another one had joined. Again, the monk brought them back to the jungle and again, they were returning. The monk found them holy, possibly the reincarnated souls of monks who used to tend to the pagoda. Therefore, he decided to keep them at the pagoda to take best care of.

Everyday, the three snakes hang around the Buddha statues. They are taken best care and fed. Normally, they are treated to a pot of milk and three eggs every five days as well as a small amount of goat meat. Every morning at 10:30 a.m, the monks will wash them in a bath filled with flower petals. They are really calm and friendly. There have been no cases reportedly being injured by the snakes.

The pagoda is now a famous pilgrimage spot and attracts thousands of pilgrims each year. The walls of the pagoda are attached with photos of families who pay their visit to the semi-holy serpents. Some depict toddlers happily bathing alongside the snakes. Considering the way the snakes are taken care, they without doubt lived their long and happy life.


The snake is crawling on the Buddha


The snake at the Hmwe Paya