• India – Myanmar – Thailand – Malaysia Crossing

    Duration: 26 Days 25 Nights - Price: $US

    India Myanmar Thailand Malaysia

    This tour allows you to drive drive from India to Thailand via Myanmar, before exiting into Malaysia with your own vehicles (bikes, cars, motorhomes).  Burma Senses make your crossing...

  • Burma Trekking Tour

    Duration: 13 Days 12 Nights - Price $1950

    Ann ethnic people in Kyaing Tong

    On this adventurous Burma Trekking Tour, we walk through remote lands and also spend time in the principal highlights of the country. We trek to remote hilltribes of the...

  • Burma At Glance Tour

    Duration: 07 Days 06 Nights - Price $1250

    Burma monk with umbrella

    This Burma At Glance Tour is perfect for those who desire to visit Burma's 4 major cities, including  Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and Inle Lake in very short time. With this...

  • Burma Photo Tour

    Duration: 12 Days 11 Nights - Price $2385

    Burma Picturesque Photo Tours

    Discover one of the world’s most photogenic countries on a special photographic tour organized by Burma Senses Travel & Tours. Hone your photographic skills while travelling through Burma's Victorian...

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Mandalay Attractions


Tilawkaguru Buddha Cave located on the Sagaing Hill is famous with its intricate mural paintings. Today, it is used as a meditation caves and centers for the tourists and local people throughout the country. The cave was constructed in 1672. Once going inside, you can see the vivid mural paintings with multiple colours such as bright reds, yellows, blues, and turquoise....

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Soon U Ponya Shin pagoda

The Soon U Ponya Shin pagoda is quietly located on the Sagaing hill, the area dotted with significant pagodas, monasteries and meditation centers, including Sagaing Buddhist academy, the largest academy in the world. The Soon U Ponya Shin Pagoda is popularly recognized as one of the oldest religious attraction on Sagaing Hill. It was constructed in 1312 by a senior male monk named Pon Nya. Annually, the pagoda celebrates its festival which happens on the fullmoon day of Waso...

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U Min Thonze Pagoda is another pagoda on the top of the Sagaing Hill, besides Soon U Ponya Shin pagoda and Sagaing Buddha Cave. We can translate the term “U Min Thonze” into “30 Caves”. It was ordered to construct by revered monk Padugyi Thangayaza. There are 45 Buddha images seated in a crescent-shaped colonnade inside the...

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This grand Kaungmudaw pagoda is located around 10 km to the north of the Sagaing Hill. The enormous dome of the pagoda peaks 46 m (151 feet) in the shape of a perfect hemisphere and was designed after the Mahaceti Pagoda in Sri Lanka. The pagoda has its another name as Rajamanisula. In commemoration to the establishment of the Innwa as the Royal Capital of Burma, the development was built. There are some 800 stone pillars standing around the foot...

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The Mintha Theater located at the 27th street in Mandalay City is where you will be excited by the fascinating cultural dances of Burma, performed by the local dancers. The local dancers in vivid attire make the audience reminiscent of folk history. The plays proposed are supposed to take us on a journey getting to know about Burma’s history, culture and tradition. In a country where poverty, lack of government support and restrict artistic movement is overwhelmed, the Mintha Theater...

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Mahar Aung Myay Jade and Gem market

If you are in the market for jewelry and sparkly things, your Mandalay trip should not not miss an extra visit the Mahar Aung Myay Jade and Gem market, the world’s largest jade market. The admission is around 1 dollar for a foreigner, which allows him or her to see the trading, witness how jewelry and other items are created from raw jade, and make purchases to support the local...

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King Bodawpaya did not plan to build the largest pagoda in the world only. He also wanted to cast a biggest ringing bell to install at the top of the giant Pahtodawgyi stupa. The bell that was made within 2 years from 1808 until 1810, measuring almost 5 meters high and 55555 viss, a Burmese measurement equivalent to 90,718 kg (90 tonnes / 199,999 pounds). The same earthquake knocked the bell down, however, no cracks were found and it is...

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Settawya Paya

The structure was constructed right on the riverbank of the Irrawaddy river in Mandalay, highlighted with the gracefully attractive terraces and guarding mystical Chinthe lions, soldiers and figures. It is really a wonderful spot for the photo enthusiastic, with the distinguishing architecture...

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The Hsinbyume Pagoda or Mya Theindan Pagoda in other name, is a beautiful and stunning architecture with all white decoration. The structure is laid after the Mingun Pahtodawgyi Pagoda, facing the banks of the legendary Irrawaddy river, around 10 km north of Mandalay City. After succeeding the power from his father, King Bodawpaya, the Prince Bagyidaw decided to built this pagoda as a mark of his reign, in 1816. It was completed three years later in 1819, coinciding the time...

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Officially called Yadana Labamuni Hsu-taungpye Pagoda, this pagoda located not too far from Innwa and Amarapura is generally known as Hmwe Paya, or the Snake Pagoda. What makes it special is the 3 pythons living happily with the monks there. The pagoda was established in 1974 by a local Buddhist monk. It is said that the monk found two large pythons lying around a statue of Buddha inside the old pagoda. At first, he carried them back to the jungle...

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Nam Myint Leaning Tower

Nam Myint Watch Tower is called ‘leaning tower of Inwa’. All the remains of Bagyidaw’s palace, this erstwhile 27-metre lookout was suffered a heavy damage by an earthquake in 1838, resulting in the upper portion of the tower collapsed. Afterwards, this tower began to tilt due to the sinking caused by the earthquake underneath it. This structure is reminiscent of the Burma’s 19th century architectural style. The very famous and well-preserved Maha Aungmye Bonzan Monastery and Gabaya Kyaung Monastery are...

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Bagaya Kyaung (4)

The exterior and interior of the monastery are decorated with intricately beautiful relief carvings of birds and animals. Peacock and lotus flowers are the highlight of the structure and they are seen to be repeated motif throughout the design. In the past the monastery was ever used as teaching place for the royal family, Bagaya Monastery today is still used as a place for the monks to live, learn and practice the ritual of the Buddha. As you stroll quietly...

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